Create an interactive microsite to visualize the impact of Obamacare in the state of Illinois. Launch a foundation data-viz that will accommodate future datasets extensions to be collected and aggregated once additional rounds of funding close.

Design strategy
The initial dataset required multiple views of geographic breakdown of data: by State, County, Region, and community areas (PUMAS) as defined by the US census. I designed the information architecture to allow for additional data points for a secondary view. This project launched in 2013, and with additional funding in the 2014 allowed for improvements to UX and additional filtering by demographic data: Gender, Ethnicity, Veteran status, Disability, and Age.

UX feedback and Iteration
The 2014 version simplified the selection of questions in 2013, which required visitors to select an income demographic. In 2014, we removed the question filtering data and exposed more detail in the fly-out panel to allow for easier comparison and inspection flows.

Additional expansions to this project were proposed to allow for address search to improve the user experience in speed to relevant geography. This also allows visitors to connect to the data in a more meaningful way by showing information reflecting their local neighborhood.

Illinois Health Matters
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